Spiritual Emergence Support Network

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HOPE has created a support network for spiritual experiencers, their families and for the mental health and guidance professionals that assist them.  The goal of SESN is to be a place of education, strength, friendship, and healing for all who attend the various programs.  HOPE has always been committed to creating safe spaces for people to grow and evolve into their potential both in the world and spiritually.  HOPE has no religious affiliations or dogma and no religious requirements need be met to be a part of any HOPE SESN activity.   Services and programs are available to anyone of any spiritual tradition and to those with no religious or spiritual affiliation.

We began in the fall of 2012 by holding community driven meetings to assess the needs of those in the community and then created a pilot program of support groups for spiritual experiencers and for mental health care and guidance professionals on a local level.  HOPE has become a certified trainer and CEU provider for MHP’s in Texas and HOPE’s 1st Annual Symposium on the Therapeutic Issues of Spiritual Experiences was held September 28th, 2013 in Lubbock, Texas.  We also co-sponsored the 3rd Annual National Conference for Professionals of the Spiritually Transformative Experiences in Dallas, Texas with ACISTE on November 2014.  Please go to  http://www.aciste.org/   for more information about this conference and the work of ACISTE.

A comprehensive pilot program of support groups began in August, 2013 in Lubbock, Texas.  Monthly support groups were held for Spiritual Experiencers, Empaths, Women’s Spiritual Support, and also a support group specifically for Mental Health Care and Guidance Professionals that either have spiritual experiences themselves or work with those who do. As these programs progressed we discovered what experiencers need most is a safe space to share their experiences and ask questions with occasional educational opportunities and plenty of fun family oriented community gatherings.  We have revised our support and education system for experiencers to better suit their needs with this on-line interactive website and quarterly training programs as well as more fun family events.

See the Events Calendar for the next SESN training program and for fun community events

What is Spiritual Emergence?

Spiritual Emergence occurs when people start seeking or experiencing themselves beyond their own personal, societal, or familial identity. Many things can precipitate a spiritual emergence experience. A few possibilities are a major life change, illness, near death experiences, a devotional religious or spiritual practice, drug induced experiences, or an out-of-body experience just to name a few. However, there are cases in which there was no apparent precipitating cause.

Emergence into new experiences of identity can be upsetting and disorienting as well as joyful, beautiful, calming, and nurturing experiences. Either way, they change the way a person interacts with the people and world around them. Support and education is key in helping people navigate the new world uncovered by their experiences and to integrate the new information many receive as a result of their experiences.

You Might Be In Spiritual Emergence If You Are :

·         Feeling like you can’t relate to your friends and family anymore

·         Yearning for more meaningful interactions

·         Beginning to question the beliefs you were raised with>

·         Having Non-Ordinary Experiences

·         Meaningful Visions and Hallucinations

·         Telepathic Communication with other beings

·         Emptiness and Loss of Self in the experience

·         Unitive and Mystical States of Consciousness

·         Near Death or Out of Body Experiences

·         Past Life Memories

·         Energy Moving Through Your Body


Spiritual Emergency is a very rapid immersion into consciousness development. Spiritual Emergence becomes a spiritual emergency when the speed and intensity of the emerging experience of a broader, transcendentalexperience of life quickens to the point where:

  • You can no longer function at work or in your current relationships
  • You do not have the prior experience or understanding of the event and cannot process or integrate the experience and information into your current life experience
  • You do not have the emotional or mental “flexibility” to see the events or experiences as a normal process of psycho-spiritual maturing and or healing, or as an evolution of consciousness
  • You become so intrigued with the experiences themselves you forgo other activities to “chase” or “find” a deeper or broader experience
If you are interested in discovering more about Spiritual Emergence and Emergency, please go to our resources page for the Recommended Reading List and SESN Links specifically under SESN Resources.
If you are seeking assistance integrating your experiences or need help navigating life please see the Local Certified SESN Professionals on the resource page.