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Dr. Neetu Arora-Smith, PhD                806.589.6474                  Honor Your Path Counseling

Dr. Arora-Smith works with individuals and couples dealing with challenges in their relationships, parenting roles, professional lives, or spiritual quest. In addition to using other modalities, she has a great deal of interest in utilizing Mindfulness training, Hypnosis and Guided-imagery to help individuals achieve not only symptom-relief but also to attain their highest potential with regard to their relational or individual goals.


Sarah Stoune M.Ed, LPC                         806.432.2630                 Partners for Change Counseling

Licensed Professional Counselor and Reiki Master Teacher. Serving individuals, couples, and families seeking to heal and grow from issues related to depression, anxiety, other mental illness, grief recovery, relationship challenges, parenting, trauma recovery, and spiritual emergence and emergency. EMDR trained. LGBTQ ally.


Elizabeth Sabet, CPC, PCC                   806.928.7242                   Transformational Life & Spiritual Emergence Coaching        

Professional Certified Life Coach.  Providing intuitive, holistic life coaching through Transformational Life Coaching, Spiritual Emergence Coaching, Empath Skill Development Coaching. Elizabeth also offers Intuitive and Medium sessions.  She is an ordained minister and also performs Marriage Ceremonies.  See website for more information and events schedule.





Debra Perry                                              806.778-9927         

Holistic Counselor, Neuroptic Analysis, Kinesiology, Ionic Energy Foot Baths, Herbs, Supplements, Flower Essence, Aromatherapy, Reiki II, Quantum Energy, and strong computer & software skills


Erin Coats                                                  806.543-2002

Licensed massage therapist, Aromatherapy, Reiki ll, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Crystal Bed Chakra Healing Light Therapy, Radiant Pulsed Energy Therapy, Chi Machine, and Artist.


 Lesley Shelton                                          806.336.0838    

Reiki ll and Intuitive Crystal Healer


 Terri Blassingame                                806.445.2213                  Essentially Angelic

Aura Camera, Reiki, Essential Oils, Chakra Balancing, Ionic Foot Baths, Electro Reflexology Energizer, Chi Machine, FAR Infrared Dome, FAR Infrared Pad, White Wolf Essential Oil Drop session, check website for available classes


 SueGore-Berryman – Certified Herbalist                      806.445.4469

The Whole Journey Shop carries a variety of organic and wild crafted bulk herbs, essential oils, Ayurveda herbs, Herbal tinctures, teas, lotions and other potions.  Herbal Consults are available in the shop as well.


Vitalitree- Innovative Skincare                                          1.877.239.2346     Vitalitree Skincare

Vitalitree is a Modern Alchemical Innovation of health and beauty products. The cornerstone of their skin care formulations is the stem bark of the tree known to modern science as Mimosa tenuiflora (aka Mimosa hostilis, Acacia tenuiflora, Acacia hostilis).  Known traditionally by the Mayan name of “Tepezcohuite” (pronounced “tuh-pez-ko-whee-tay”), a term still used in regions where the tree grows naturally (ranging from Northern Brazil to Southern Mexico, as far north as Oaxaca), this “Miracle Skin Tree” continues to be revered by indigenous populations who still use it to this day for all manner of skin-related ailments.

To shop for Vitalitree Skincare, visit their website.


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please contact Elizabeth Sabet at 806-928-7242.

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